Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Thoughtful Dog

Jesse (Samoyed) darted out the front door of my new place (that I haven't quite moved to yet) last night to chase the sheep that are currently hanging out in what one day will be the front yard. Having a Sammie chasing sheep on hilly property on a rainy night isn't my idea of good stock management, so I called him back. I could barely see him. He could easily see the sheep. At first he ignored me, and then I could see him slowing to think about it, weighing the options. He stopped and stood there a moment. Looked at me. Looked at the sheep. Took a few steps in my direction - to great praise. Stopped and thought some more. Looked around again. Sighed. Made up his mind.

My beautiful, wonderful white boy came running full speed up to me and into the house. He wasn't even interested in the food rewards I was offering, he just lapped up the praise and hugs. He believes me when I tell him he is the most wonderful, best loved dog in the world. And so do I, even though I know his insecurity with the new place factored into the decision. He may also have been concerned about the Great Pyrenees who guards those sheep, who was also watching him. Whatever his reasons, he came to me instead of chasing sheep. What a guy.