Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Sky

Clouds make the sky interesting, and at sunset they reflect the suns light in such beautify ways!

I love living in a place where clouds frequently add another dimension to the sky, and make such stunning displays.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Deep Thinker

Dolka, my first Samoyed, was exceptionally good at abstract thought. She thought about situations and figured things out. 

We had friends with a house on a lake, and a dock that was really a raft, tied to the shore by heavy ropes. Dolka loved to chase the ducks who grazed on the lovely front lawn, and they would fly out to the raft to wait for her to leave.

Dolka did not like the water, and did not want to get wet. She sat, stared at the ducks, the raft, and the ropes. She turned her head, obviously deep in thought, and looked at everything again. Then she trotted to the shore, grabbed a rope, and pulled the raft in. It was heavy work, but she persisted. Unfortunately for her (but happily for the ducks) when she let go of the rope so she could jump on the raft it floated back out beyond her reach.

She repeated this process three times, then gave it up. She needed another mouth or an opposable thumb, which she didn't have. But she'd made a good, logical try.