Saturday, October 28, 2006

Morning Glory

Some mornings are so beautiful I just stand and watch them unfold, all thoughts of chores and work abandoned.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dogs at Play

I do so enjoy dogs.

Charlie comes in for breakfast and dinner. During truly awful, disgusting weather he will try to stay in all day, and if it is really, really bad all night. On normal days like the last few, he comes in to eat, lay down for a few minutes, and then is eager to be off outside again.

But he and Jesse like each other and love to play. It's the only time I realize how young Charlie is - not to say older dogs don't like to play, but in play Charlie actually seems his youthful age.
They are so fun to watch. Two fluffy white dogs, one 120 lbs, one 60 lbs. Jesse jumps up on Charlie's back, wraps his front legs as far as he can around the chest, and struggles to wrestle him to the floor. After a brief struggle Charlie rolls to the floor, all four legs in the air, huge smile on his face. They bury their teeth in each other's fur, surrounding legs, thighs, necks. Jesse will grasp Charlie in a hopeful neck hold.

Charlie escapes! He runs across the living room, turns, jumps forward over Jesse. Then they are at it again, wrestling each other to the floor. Actually, it is always Jesse who wrestles Charlie to the floor. LGDs are such wonderful playmates. Pyrs, at least, seem to enjoy the fight so much they will let their opponent win time after time to keep the game alive.

And then it is over. Jesse is soaked all down his front. Charlie dashes out the door, looking hopefully at the fence. Finding no predators lurking, he trots over to say high to the other dogs, already out in their day yard.

The sun is shining, the dogs are happy. Life is good.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Above the Clouds

Fall is fog time. Living on a ridge has some serious advantages this time of year, as I sit above the clouds looking down on a changing world. From here the clouds have presence and personality. Sometimes they sneak in around the hills to stealthily hide the lowest areas. At other times they boldly cover the valley, creating the illusion of fog on a lake. One morning it was as of a dry river was being flooded from rains in the hills.

The first waters cover the valley floor in the early morning.
As the sun rises, the clouds buffet the treetops and cover the lowlands.

The rush of water/clouds floods the valley, making waves in its haste.

And then they move on, as if called by the sea.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Harvest Moon

The weather has been perfect for viewing the spectacular harvest moon. It rises in the evening, huge and yellow, lights the earth all night, and still shines brightly in the morning. Usually we have skies full of clouds and rain this time of year; it is such a joy to have them full of moonlight.

When you don't have Henna...

try some red clay dampened by rain. Tor shows off his new 'do. Pyrs don't seem to notice water dropping from the sky; they ignore shelters and dig holes to curl up in. Berna, an Anatolian Shepard, prefers to maintain her pristine white and tan by hanging out under cover.