Monday, April 06, 2015

And Life Goes On...

Mom slept all through the night, and was bright and aware when I got her up for a late breakfast. She was shaky walking at first, but soon was doing better than she has for days. She ate and drank well - not surprising after a day of virtual fasting. Fortunately, she did not ask about Santi, or miss him. For once I am grateful for her memory loss.

These little strokes are interesting. Mom always seems to feel worse just before they happen, and much better afterward (after a long sleep). Last night she had the classic garbled language. This morning she is talking normally. She's in a good mood.

She is back in bed for an afternoon nap. I'll go out and bury our beloved friend Santi, and say our final goodbyes. Life goes on.


Barbara Etlin said...

I'm sorry about Santi. What a pretty bird.

What a relief that your mother is doing better. Has she moved in with you at the farm or are you staying at her place?

Vicki Potter said...

So sorry about your Mom's health and your loss of Santi. I can't imagine about how hard all this is for you by yourself. I'll get in touch with you next week, promise. I'm doing a show this weekend near Olympia, will be around next week. Take care of yourself Judy.

Judy said...

Thanks for the sympathy.
My mother lives with me on the farm, Barbara.
Vicki, I'd love to see you, or just talk to you!