Friday, April 17, 2015

Save The Frogs

It's spring. It's been raining a lot lately, and it's been wet since November.  The lovely green area in the middle-left is a mud puddle that will last until early summer. The puddle in the middle of the road may disappear this weekend.

They are both loaded with tadpoles.

I don't know what the lovely green is, but it's covered all the water. The only reason the small puddle is clear (or rather, brown) is that Lucy the Border Collie has been playing in it.

This is the small puddle. All those black spots are tadpoles. The muddy areas around the puddle where the water has mostly dried up are filled with tadpoles. I could spend hours moving them to the relative safety of the bigger puddle. I may actually add water to the mud in the middle of my road so the tadpoles can survive. Just saying that sounds crazy.

The frogs love this area, and every warm day in late winter they lay eggs in the puddles. Early on the puddles freeze, now they will dry up. I love frogs, and these are the adorable tree frogs that serenade us on warm evenings in early spring. Frogs are dying across the globe, and I have a puddle full of tadpoles that are doomed. It is not always easy to let nature take it's course.

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