Sunday, April 05, 2015

Ups and Downs, and Very Sad Happenings

After a few days of being more awake and aware, last night Mom had another little stroke after dinner. She had a hard time moving to the walker to go to bed, and had an uneasy night. She slept all day. I finally got her up about 5PM for dinner.

Again she was having trouble eating, and then obviously had another stroke. After a few minutes she became unconscious. Fortunately I had left her in the walker (which is also a chair) so I could easily get her back to the bedroom, but I still had to move her from that onto the bed.

Santi, the cockatoo, was very upset when she had the stroke, and was very much in the way as I was getting her into bed. I picked him up and put him outside the door, so I could get Mom settled in.

Mom regained consciousness after I got her into bed, but was not aware and I left her to sleep. When I opened the bedroom door, Santi was still on the floor, having his own seizure.

I swept him up in my arms, and felt him go limp. His heart beat for awhile, but he did not regain consciousness, did not come back into life.

This lovely cockatoo who has been my mothers constant companion for 44 years has died in my arms.

I bought a mostly featherless chic in a pet store in Sydney in 1970. I hand-fed him until he was feathered and eating on his own. He was my constant companion for a year, as I traveled around Australia, and after I settled for a while in Canberra. His friendship made up for the friends I couldn't seem to make in a country I considered my own. When I wanted to travel again, I sent him home to my parents. When I returned a year later, they had claimed him as their own.

Santi has been my mother's best friend, and seen her through the death of two partners. His big personality and steadfast love and devotion have filled the losses in her life.

This beautiful bundle of white feathers and huge energy, devoted friend and tremendous presence will be sorely missed. I can't believe his soul has left the body lying there, that I will never interact with him again. I'm so sorry that I made him leave Joy when he was so concerned about her, and left him alone. Forgive me, dear one. Fly far, pure soul.


Mokihana said...

Oh gosh, I am so sorry about your beloved cockatoo. I'm glad you were with him when he died...I'm sure he knew you were there.

Sounds like you could use a huge hug right now, so I'm sending you one...

Jenny Doughty said...

Judy I'm so sorry to read this. Hugs and sympathies.

Judy said...

Thank you both for the hugs and sympathy. I'm really going to miss that little bird.