Sunday, April 03, 2005

The End of a Busy Day

I'm moving. It's difficult enough moving a household, but add in a farm and it begins to seem impossible.

Today a friend and I hauled the extra gates we had pulled out of the fields last week down the creek path to the nearest road. Gates are heavy. The road is about 1/4 mile away - not a long walk, but a very, very long haul. Then we loaded them in the van and took them to the new place for the fence I'm having put up there.

Charlie the Pyr watched this, watched the horses and sheep watching, and joined all in trotting along with us on the other side of the fence. Nice to know you are providing entertainment for the critters.

On our return, I saw something large and white laying out in the field. It wasn't moving. It looked fluffier than a sheep.

I parked the van, and could see that the lump had still not moved. I got in the car and drove back down to the end of the field. The large, fluffy white thing that still hadn't moved looked very much like a Pyr. I ran into the field, calling "Charlie!" I ran and ran (he was near the center of the field), calling his name. I was certain by now that he had been shot in his own field. I was within several yards when the completely inanimate object raised its head and became Charlie. An alive and well Charlie.

Charlie looked at me with interest. I don't normally run through the field towards him, screaming nearly hysterically. He got up. I knelt down and opened my arms, and he came to me. He was a bit surprised at my joy and delight. He enjoyed the hugs. We walked together back to the gate, and he was disappointed that I left him there.

The neighbors off the far corner of the field had a gardening crew in, mowing and making noise. I think Charlie was out there keeping his considerable bulk between the noisy strangers and his charges, and just sort of snoozed off.

I'd been feeling tired and run down after two days of hard labor. Now I'm quite awake. And very, very glad that my wonderful guardian is still alive and well.

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