Saturday, October 01, 2005

Missing Hen

My leghorn hen had disappeared about a month ago, and I'd finally decided she must have been nabbed by a raven or a coyote. Then, while Charlie and I were feeding the sheep, I saw her - and her 3 yellow day-old chicks. Charlie went trotting up to them and I had visions of little yellow balls being tossed into the air. He put his big nose up to one of them, then turned to look at me in delight, "Look! Babies!"

Meanwhile momma hen was fluffed up to full round and jumping in his face. He ignored her. He checked out all three chicks, then trotted back out of the field, looking back at me with that same delighted expression. My dear boy. This is the dog I got because he kills chickens. Momma hen followed (or preceded) him out of the field, bouncing in his face. He continued to ignore her. She finally decided he was far enough away to not be a threat, and went back to her yellow puffballs.

About that time my cat went streaking across the field, ignored by all other critters. She doesn't seem to be considered a threat by anyone.

These are the moments that make everything worthwhile.

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