Sunday, December 18, 2005


I feel like we are under siege by the wind gods. Last night I thought Hawai'i might be headed our direction, but today the winds have changed from the southwest to the southeast. Might explain why it isn't getting much warmer.

Our rather rare windstorms rarely last more than a few hours. This one started last night, maybe around 7 PM, and is still going strong. Very strong. A few small trees have come down, only one of my recently planted bamboos has been uprooted so far. Not sure how they are going to survive first freezing then drying wind. So far none of my structures (like canvas carports) has succumbed, but the winds are persistent.

Charlie is out with the sheep, keeping the world safe. He came in for awhile, but then felt he was needed elsewhere. The other dogs are quite happy to stay in, thank you.

My little lamb-lgd thinks he should be in with us. I had tried him in with the sheep again for a couple days, but he just hangs around wherever a dog is and cries.

The wind is supposed to blow in warm weather, clouds, and rain. So far it is still clear and cold and very, very pretty. Even if I can't open my front door for fear of not getting it shut again.

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