Thursday, February 08, 2007

No Fighting!

I have 3 free-range geese. They have decided that the safest place to spend the night is in front of my house. The house is at the high point of the property, but I don't think the geese enjoy the view. Charlie the Pyr, however, does. This is where he hangs out while he's listening and looking for threats, in between fence patrols. The other night there was a confusion of noise outside that got my inside dogs riled up. I went to check it out.

At first glance it looked like Charlie was attacking two of the geese.

At second glance it was obvious that the geese were fighting, and Charlie was trying to break up the fight.

The geese had each other by the wing where it attaches to the body, as male geese are wont to do. Charlie was trying to grab something to break them up, but the only "things" handy were goose necks, which he seems to realize are pretty fragile. He would back off, woof at them, and wade in again.

I think this is Charlie's version of "No fighting in MY house!"

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Anonymous said...

Yes my geese roost in the dog pen every night and if it is a very windy night they go right up against the inner den gate. I have seen Bella the Maremma gently mouth them and they in turn are very gentle with her.Maverick the young gun is a tad more careful with them. I think he has been on the end of a beak. Am enjoying your lovely place and the stories.

Liz (Vic Aust)