Monday, April 30, 2007


Yesterday I brought home a pair of Black Spanish turkeys. I released them into a pen so they could adjust to their new home. The peafowl immediately came to investigate. The young male is getting ready to display to the new girl in the neighborhood.

Charlie also wanted to meet the new residents. The tom isn't so sure about the big white dog. The pair settled in quickly, and spent the night in the tree just outside the pen, with one of the young peacocks.

This morning the pair are happily exploring their new home, the safe confines of the pen left behind. Tom is displaying and gobbling, unaware that some of his beautiful tail feathers were broken in transit.

The American Rare Breeds Conservancy has Blacks on their "Watch" list. Heritage breeds are smaller, more flavorfull, and have less breast meat than commercial turkeys. They are also more independent and raise their own young. Posted by Picasa

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