Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Millie

With three major wind and rain storms in a row, Millie has been unhappy living in her kennel. I couldn't bring her in the house during the storms because I already have two alpha bitches in there, along with the other 4 dogs, and just can't upset that balance.

I've rigged a tarp inside the kennel that is keeping most of the rain off, but Millie's sleeping crate was filling with water, and she kept pulling out anything I put in. She didn't have a safe place to go.

I decided something had to be done. I put an old wool sweater in the low back end of the crate in case water gets in, a door mat on top of that, and a small rug over the mat (more comfortable, you know). Then I took an old raincoat and draped it over the back, to keep wind and rain out of the air holes.

Finally, something Millie likes. No, something she loves. She went in and didn't want to come out again. In this picture I've just come in to take her for her morning walk down to the very fun critter area while I feed. Usually she's jumping on the kennel door to get out. Today she deigned to stick her head out. "What? I'm busy!"

Even after I talked her into coming out and got the leash on her, she was trying to go back in. You can see layered look and her comfy carpet.

The dog bed just outside is one that had been inside the crate, and she pulled it out. The previous dog bed she pulled out and destroyed. And the dog blanket. But the carpet she seems to like. Cosy home. Happy Millie.

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