Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rainy, Rainy Day

Today is one of those days that should be looked at through living room windows, with a warm fire in the hearth and a hot drink in hand. Since it's been below freezing for over a week, the ground is solidly frozen. This morning freezing rain fell. The freezing rain turned to rain, but it made little difference, since the ground froze the water almost immediately. I had to get supplies. I took the van out and started up the hill, wheels spinning. I put on the brakes and thought a while. If it was this icy here, how would it be on the tight curves of Leonard road, going down the steep hill? I turned around in my neighbor's drive and headed out the back way, which is longer but avoids the hills. The roads were all icy, but not too slick if you stayed in the ruts. At the feed store the big rig driver who had just brought in a double trailer of alfalfa was talking about all the accidents on the freeway and 508, and how he had chosen not to turn on Leonard but continue on to where 508 met up with 12, the main state route. Made me glad for my choice. 

Loading the supplies was slippery business, but my boots have great traction. Charlie, who had insisted on coming with Jesse and I, kept close watch on everyone. He really draws attention. "Someone has a polar bear in their van!" "Wow, that's one BIG dog!" The brave workers loaded the van anyway, as Charlie sniffed the bags and faces. He just loves going to the feed store.

We got home without incident, although the county road was still very slick. The van has much better traction with the extra weight in back. My chickens now have scratch and my sheep some alfalfa to supplement their grass hay. I even walked up my hill without slipping. The geese are happy, because there are now puddles to bathe in. Water has been freezing too fast for bathes the past week.

I now plan to stay inside as much as possible the rest of the day.

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Semavi Lady said...

LOL, on the polar bear. That's a familiar one too!

Glad you drove carefully. This post reminds me of how much I quickly grew tired of snow in the winter. Nice for a while, but...

Love your posts!