Friday, October 03, 2008

Enter Stage Left: Fall

We've had a wonderful late summer, with temps up in the 80s just a few days ago. Suddenly the trees are turning, and a blustery wind brought in the clouds and rain. The rain hasn't been the usual deluge, but on again off again showers. The temperature, while well below the lovely 70s and 80s we've just had, has been in the 60s. The gusty wind has a quality that makes one smile from inside, as it blows freshness and joy all the way through body and soul. 

My chickens and sheep want extra food, and spend more time hiding under shelters. This is a gentle transition, showing that there can be joy in autumn and winter, in spite of short days, cold weather and the ever present rain. The maple leaves are bright yellow beacons, reminders of sunny days.

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