Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sara Stalks

Saturday was sunny and warm, and seemed the perfect time to get initial control over that barrier to travel, the Himalayan blackberry. I started on the path next to my lower pasture, between the fence and a strip of woods. It's easier to snip them to the ground while they are still in semi-hibernation. In spring and summer I wouldn't want to take a nap near a blackberry patch, for fear of waking in the middle of the stand.

Sara, a kitty who came to me years ago after being dumped at a friend's farm, moved into the bird building during the snows. She has been a totally outside cat since we moved here (her choice), but the snow was too much for her. She hasn't as much as poked her nose out since.

Until today. I left the door open to air out the building, and Sara decided to join me in the woods. She quietly stalked around, re-familiarizing herself with the great outdoors.

And basking in the sun. It was fun having her outside with me again, but she went back in when I declared myself finished with the berries.

There is a surprising amount of snow damage to the trees. Many branches are broken close to the trunks. It seems the trees aren't much more prepared for heavy snow than the people and buildings of this normally mild northern clime.

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