Saturday, April 11, 2009

Millie On Guard

Millie had joined me on my morning jaunt to find flowers, but got distracted by noises towards the road.

And of course she knew exactly where I was, and quickly checked that I was still OK.

And then checks out the rest of the area. All being well, she joined me again on the walk up the hill.


Semavi Lady said...


and OH goodie,the blogroll is FINALLY working (for now). I gave it several major kicks in the hiney. lol

so I saw you updated!

Judy said...

Glad your kicks worked - the order has seemed a bit random lately - difficult to know who's got new posts! But, glad enough to have the list to choose from :)

Semavi Lady said...

really annoying, yeah... :p

I made a few blogrolling lists, humor, politics and others, and those seem to work 100%, go figure.

I wondered if the old blogrolls had a bug in them. I recreated the Anatolian blogroll with a new ID and tested to see if the new one would work. Suddenly the old ones are working now. I think it might have to do with the new one pinging the roll mechanism better, so I'll keep an eye on it and keep the second ASD blogroll handy. Otherwise everyone that has the old blogroll configuration will have to change the code to the new hash numbers for the new roll.

If that made any sense?? LOL