Sunday, November 22, 2009

Whispers in the Wind

It's been windy here for a couple weeks, one storm after another. Last night the wind was again filling the air with sound before tangling with the trees. I was about to walk up the hill on a path that takes me through the woods. I paused, hearing something in the wind. I didn't know until that moment that it was a sound I recognized from previous windstorms. It was the sound of trees about to be blown down.

I stood there, thinking it might be dangerous walking through a section of trees that has been losing members in almost every blow. I listened carefully. The brunt of the wind was currently further up and to the west. It was safe to walk through right now. I continued up to the house.

Today I headed down that same path, and found a tree had fallen across my two path alternatives, the fence and the road.

The largest section of tree is across the fence and road. The fence path is the one I often take at night.

The other section is across the inner path, the tops of the branches tangling with another tree that fell a bit further up. This is where I walked up the hill last night. I heard these trees. They whispered to me that they were about to fall.

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