Saturday, June 26, 2010

Listen To Your Dogs

The dogs are barking. It's night, that's what they do. But wait - that's Jesse, down below, and that's a "come here" bark. Berna takes up the cause and goes outside to get a better view. OK, time to go see what's up. I gather jacket and flashlight and head down the hill. As I get close to the bottom I call out "What's up Jess?" and see Jesse rounding the building. I am then hit sideways by a very exuberant Lady. Lady?

Lady has obviously decided I'm going too slowly on her training, and took herself out of her kennel to tour the property. Fortunately at night, because she isn't good with chickens. She is ecstatic to see me. I guide her into the bird building, where I have spare leashes. I keep hold of her while I grab the spare, because she's also not good with cats, and a cat lives in the building. Lady doesn't care, she's happy to be out, and happy to be with me.

We go by the horses, to make sure all is well. They look over at us, obviously undisturbed. At their feet are sheep and goats, also unruffled. The geese are against the back fence, looking less sanguine. Lady and I walk up the hill back to the kennel, and inspect the damage. Not bad, easily fixable.

No harm done, one happy dog. I am, however, very glad I listened to my dogs.


Veryl said...

Oh no! Not another LGD that isn't good with chickens. What is this. Do you think she will work out for you? I hope so. You really need her. Good boy, Jesse! Glad that you listened. Nani slept inside last night because she was sounding off at every coqui frog, I swear.

Judy said...

Well, I'm still hoping she'll work out. It's been so wet until this week that I haven't had enough time to really work with her. She is very eager to please and to learn, so there's hope!