Thursday, October 28, 2010

Puppy Training

Zander adores Berna (Anatolian) and Charlie (Pyr). He imitates their body language, and tries to be friends and play with them. They are both uncertain about befriending an annoying puppy. And both are a bit too serious to play.

Berna is beginning to think that maybe the puppy is OK. Here they are both eating breakfast peacefully.

 But something changes - I think Zander moved a bit closer - and she instantly admonishes him. Notice his alert and wary posture. There is not a doubt in his mind that Berna is the alpha in this relationship.

Not so with Hannah (Border Collie). These two play together frequently. Hanna snarls and complains, and Zander ignores her. It's great that he has someone to play with, but also good that there is someone to lay down the law.

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Veryl said...

Glad to see that they are making progress in working out the living arrangements. He is such a beautiful puppy. Good Hannah for being his buddy when he needs one.

Also love the pictures of the mountains and trees in the article above.

Love ya!