Friday, April 01, 2011

April Showers

Or in this case, March showers. What plants most enjoy the rain? Why, mushrooms and moss, of course. I have an old horse trough that I intend to use as a planter, but the rains came before I got it set up last year. These 'shrooms don't care, they think it's perfect.

Who cares about mushrooms? We all should - read about how fungi can save the world here.

From the article in Cascadia Connections:  "Paul Stamets believes mycelium are information sharing membranes in their environments. He says they are aware, react to change, have the long term health of their host environment in mind, and devise diverse enzymatic and chemical responses to challenges. He cites research to back up these ideas. In other words, he is telling us fungi are intelligent, sentient organisms. Because they regulate the flow of nutrients through the food chain, we can use them to bioengineer ecosystems."

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