Sunday, June 26, 2011


My neighbor has a couple fields that need mowing, and I have some horses that would love the job.  This seemed like such a good combination we immediately made a plan to get the horses to the field.

There are some improvements to be made before the plan is put into action. An old dilapidated cross-fence needs removing, and the perimeter hot wire needs to be checked and tested.

A friend came over to help, and we got the center fence removed. The post holes still need to be filled, but the heavy lifting is done! I spend a lot of time putting fences up or fixing existing fences; it was quite refreshing taking one down.

While checking out the hot wire, I couldn't help but notice the lovely grasses and flowers in the field. I'm sure my horses will like these as much as I do. Well, perhaps for different reasons.

And just outside the pasture is a stand of native iris. And a bee!

I love these little iris, they brighten up the landscape.

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