Friday, July 22, 2011

New Bridle

I love summer. 70 and partly sunny, you can do anything on a day like today.

I took a short ride on Bear to try out our new bitless bridle from Sunset Halters. He was eager to go, and we went through more paces than usual. I'm learning about gaited horses, and getting more comfortable with the transitions. I'm also learning how to get him into the foxtrot rather than the r e g u l a r  trot. Hope I get that one down soon! It's a bit like learning to drive a stick shift. Bear seems to automatically transition into a foxtrot going up in speed, but coming down from a canter he hits the hard, bumpy trot. I'm supposed to cue him into the correct pace. This is where an instructor would be mighty handy :-).

We both liked the new bridle. Next time I'll try it on Trojan. Wahoo!

Bears favorite part of the ride? Getting to snack on fresh grass when we get home.

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