Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Road Crew

I have a 1/4 mile of lane between my house and the county road that I need to maintain. I've been working my wrists off cutting grass and berry vines. This is a dual purpose activity, keeping the lane open (and legal) and providing fresh grass for the horses and alpaca. Today I had help.

I was working with Molly, trying to see how much training she really has (as opposed to what we were told she has), and she was not cooperating. She did not want to work with me today. We want to sell her, and it's important to know if she really does know how to pack, and possibly to be ridden. 

I decided to change the parameters, as arguing with a mule is not productive. It took some convincing, but I talked her into coming down the lane, and then pointed her at the overgrown grass. All of a sudden she became very cooperative.

She seemed to enjoy having someone to graze with. I was really surprised at how good it felt to have someone helping me get the jungle under control. After a half hour of challenging each other, we were having a great, companionable time. I couldn't believe how quickly she mowed down the high center strip of grass and weeds. She made great inroads into the side strips as well. This may become a regular event.

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