Thursday, September 01, 2011

Fence Reinforcement

My "Dog Yard" is also part of my septic system field, filled with underground pipes. This, plus the inevitable slope of the land, makes fencing a challenge. I first put up my usual sheep fencing with concreted in wood end posts and interior metal t-posts and woven wire. However, there is a long area that is both sloped and over pipes I didn't want to risk pounding posts into. The fence was never tight and strong, and didn't improve over time. The solution?

I had a large number of stored bird cage panels, and thought the wood frames would add some stability to the fence. They do. They also add a rather whimsical air to the place. 

This should also keep Zander from figuring out that he could really jump fences if he wanted - a skill I hope he never acquires.

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