Monday, October 31, 2011

The Guardian

Jesse, in true Great Pyrenees Guardian fashion, choses a high spot overseeing the property.

Having been trained by Pyrs, he does his guardian work well. I never tell him that he's really a Samoyed; but after all, they are guardians as well, when they choose to be serious. And Jesse hasn't lost his Samoyed roots - he acts the clown and makes me laugh at least once every day, keeping me rooted in the joy of life.


Kerin said...

How golden is that!!! What a blessing to have a wise soul with a light heart overseeing all. Or at least that is what I'm picking up from seeing these amazing pics! : )

Judy said...

Kerin, you said it perfectly. That is exactly what Jesse is, a wise soul with a light heart. He's a treasure.