Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hay Nets Revisited

My new slow-feeding hay nets are working well for most of the horses, but not for the two Spotted Drafts. They pulled the netted bale out of the trough I was using to keep it out of the mud, carried the bale around, tossed it down a hill into the water, and generally refused to eat out of the netting.  I decided to try tying it up.

On the left are the first two trees I used. I wanted to keep the net out of the middle of the path, but those trees were too small and in 3 days the leaned together tepee style. I moved the net to two sturdier trees, and filled in the soft muddy area on the slope with bark shavings.

This seems to be working. The horses still eat out of the top rather than the netting, but at least the hay is being kept mostly off the ground and mostly into the horses. I need stronger ropes, and maybe a pole across the top to help secure it closed.

I'd like to set up a second net, but with as many trees as I have, finding two sturdy ones the right distance apart (and not over a mud pit) and close enough to fill up is difficult.

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Anita C. said...

This looks very promising!