Friday, February 10, 2012

The Eagle's Tale

I knew there was a raptor in our airspace because Millie had gone into launch mode, where she tries to catch birds out of the air. I grabbed the camera as I slid into my boots and went to investigate. While I picked my way through the mud a beautiful Bald Eagle flew overhead and landed in the top of the tallest tree.

Last night a neighbor called to tell me of his exciting day. It actually began New Years Eve.

Jack and his dog were walking through the fields when he spotted something white some ways away. He thought it was a plastic bag and was about to walk off when he admonished himself about laziness, and went to pick it up. The white bag turned out to be a Bald Eagle, out cold, with some blood by it's beak. The bird was warm to the touch, so Jack got a bag from the barn and took the eagle back to his house. He was certain it would die overnight, but felt he had to give it a chance.

The eagle was still alive in the morning, so Jack began calling for help. New Years Day, everyone was closed. He finally located a rescue group in Olympia that agreed to come collect the bird. The next day they called to say he'd been moved to a government facility near Blaine. It seems part of the eagle's lunch had lodged in his throat, choking him unconscious. When the vet removed the obstruction the eagle immediately was up and walking around.

Fast forward to yesterday, February 9. Jack received a call from the Olympia rescue asking if he'd like to have the eagle released back into it's home environment. Of course he said yes, and in an hour they were walking back into the field, bird in hand. The eagle immediately flew up to a tree, where he sat for  several minutes taking in his surroundings. He then took off, circled around the release crew, and flew away.

Is this that eagle? I'm only 6 miles from the release site as an eagle flies. I like to think this is him, re-establishing his territory.

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Liz said...

LOVE THIS! From someone who has done wildlife rehab, makes my heart swell and my eyes tear. I love happy endings. God Bless all that helped this eagle and most of all thanks for sharing Judy.