Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Moving Round Bales

In a continuing effort to provide food to my horses without breaking down all the fences, I've been unwrapping round bales and transporting the layers around. Once the bale is small enough I load the core onto the quad and move it into a horse field. Tonight I got a bit carried away with the core size. Not only was it a struggle to get the thing on the quad, it was then quite the challenge to find the handlebar and seat. I did get it all secured, found enough room to sit, and got the load up the hill. I feel like I've been living inside a round bale, with hay in my hair and clothes and nose. My allergies are on alert.

Perhaps I should be a bit more conservative in my efforts; but the horses are happy.

UPDATE: Hay Fail

Before unloading the hay they were delivering, I had the guys load up the core of the bale I'd been unwrapping. It was much bigger than the ones I'd loaded - and no way I could have moved it myself - but with two men and a ramp we got it up on the rack. I was very pleased.

Well, I was pleased until I got half way up the steep hill to my house, when gravity exerted its force and the bale rolled off the back (it was strapped on; the strap broke). Now I had a huge bale of hay in the middle of the lane in the dark. I pulled off as much as I could and delivered that to the horses, brought down a tarp and covered the rest for the night. The next morning I was able to force the reduced-size roll back onto the quad and got it up the hill.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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