Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stocking Up

Dolly in front of the garage with half my alfalfa. I'm storing 200 bales this year.

I got a great deal on local alfalfa (half the going price), and today friends came with two loads of 100 bales. It's a lot of work getting them in, but it feels like I have my own personal feed store :). I feed mostly grass hay, but it's nice to have a large stock of alfalfa in for cold weather, mares with foals, or individuals not keeping enough weight on.

I'll probably sell some of this through the winter. I got a good enough deal that I can make some money on any I sell. From what I'm hearing, alfalfa is going to be in short supply for a couple years. During harvest it is selling for $18/19 a bale in feed stores. I can't afford to feed it at that price! This is the price we pay for the hot, dry weather most of the country has been experiencing.

So I'm excited that I have my winter supply safely stored in the garage.


Mary Ann said...

You are lucky, lucky, lucky... we live in a high hay area and it is already scarce here in Kansas... our farmers got only one cutting this year!

Judy said...

It's particularly lucky to find local alfalfa; this isn't the ideal climate for it and most is grown for the farmer's own use.