Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I love having ducks. When it is windy and the rain feels like it came from a fire hose, everyone on the farm looks miserable and heads for shelter - except the ducks. Even the geese seem overwhelmed by the rain, but not the ducks. The ducks run from puddle to puddle, stream to new stream, delighting in the amount of water on the ground. They dabble in the mud and sieve food from runoff. Life doesn't get any better than this. My ducks are happy.

It isn't just my ducks, either. A local farmer's grassy fields are half covered with new ponds - and those ponds are inhabited by wild ducks. I counted 7 of them. Opportunists.

It gives me another perspective on life. What's unpleasant for one is a delight for another. We are all different, and our opinions are all valid. I may not like being out in driving rain, but the ducks love it. I celebrate these differences, and give thanks to the ducks.


Kookum said...

A good philosophy for an overall life outlook. Thank you for the reminder!

Unknown said...

I agree - my duckies are the same way.