Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Job Definitions

Nina, my recently acquired Great Pyrenees, has decided it's time to rewrite her job description. She's been living in the fenced yard of my rental house watching over two ponies. Yesterday she climbed the fence and went exploring. It may be warm summer weather, but there's still no lack of mud.

The ponies spend the day under the power lines munching the plentiful grass. I took the quad up to fetch them down tonight, and was shortly followed by my big white dog. The ponies weren't where I expected, and Nina followed us up the other way as well.

Once we were all together we made a very interesting sight. Little black Lucy the Border Collie streaked out in front, followed by me on the quad going as slowly as I could manage. Quite a ways back trotted Nina. Some distance behind here were the two ponies.

At least she should sleep well tonight, and stay in the yard with the ponies. I'm not sure where to go from here. Nina seems to feel she should be coming along with Lucy and I when I take the quad out, but Pyrs aren't known for sticking around. She did today, so maybe she's an exception. It is, obviously, time to set up some more hot wire.

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