Saturday, March 14, 2015

Berna Update

I finally figured out that I could back the quad up to my (huge) van, and roll Berna into the van. I managed to get a vet appointment for Saturday, so Bear got to snooze on a bed of straw in the back of the van overnight.

She checked out pretty well at the vets; her blood levels are all good, but she has a urinary infection. She was able to get out of the van on her own, and back in with just a little help from the vet tech and me. Oh, and it turns out she weighs 90 lbs. Good thing I didn't know that yesterday, or I might not have been able to get her out of the creek. I consider 80 lbs as my lifting limit (and that doesn't include lifting out of muddy creeks!).

When I got back from the vets I got a couple nice beds set up for her, but she refuses to get out of the van. She is now being served meals in her very own mobile home.

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