Sunday, May 28, 2006


I've previously mentioned my Houdini goat, Nibbles. Here she is, the picture of sweet innocense. You'll notice, however, that she is on the lush side of the fence. Posted by Picasa

And today she brought her friends along. They are having a great time digging into the blackberries that are growing madly with the warm and wet weather we've been having. I'm quite happy to have this area pruned, but do prefer to be the instigator. I decided Nibbles had a good idea, and my self-motivated mowers (the sheep) have joined the goats and are edging the lane. They seem to prefer weeds to grass, but both need taming if I'm to have driving room this summer.

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Semavi Lady said...

Nibbles knows where the good nibbles are! :) Hope she doesn't get the gang into trouble!