Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Samoyed at Sunrise

Jesse recently figured out how to squiggle under the gate into the sheep field, and under the fence by the pond. You are seeing what happens when a fluffy white dog digs and squirms through mud. He's quite pleased with himself, barking at the rising light. Or perhaps he's telling his tale to the sheep-who-thinks-he's-a-dog.

Posing on the front porch, not understanding why I wouldn't let him inside, Jesse thinks his mud coat is the latest fashion. Posted by Picasa


Semavi Lady said...

LOL so much fun! Needed a break and I knew I could enjoy poking around here. All that mud brushes right out when they're dry? :)

On the other thread, the whole family had a good time while you trimmed berries back. Ouch, thinking of the stickers. Do the goats eat right through the pointy thorns? At least that's the kind of wild blackberries we have. A real pain to deal with.

Anonymous said...

What's worse than a muddy samoyed? Trying to wash a muddy samoyed who clearly does not want a bath.

Love the pics, I'll explore your site later, I too have a sammy and love the breed.

my blog: http://sparkysshiftreport.wordpress.com/

Judy said...

Goats have asbestos mouths. The can and do eat anything without showing any sign of pain!

Our berries have those pointy thorns too, which go straight through gloves, but don't bother goats.