Sunday, May 20, 2007

Turkey Wars

Shortly after I got my turkeys, I got off on the wrong foot with the tom. One morning I wandered out to admire and feed them, and was confronted by a puffed-up strutting male. I was surprised. Yesterday he was a gentle, compliant bird, and today he's in attack mode. Then I noticed the very blue head with the very red throat. Looked down at my red bathroom and fuzzy blue slippers.

From that day I've been the Rival, no matter what I wear. The fact that my farm clogs are green-blue doesn't help, I'm sure. Mr. Tom puffs up, gobbles and booms, strutting back and forth, attacking should a body part reach his side of the fence.

As I walk towards the fence, Mr. Tom leaves the shady shelter and heads my way. He doesn't even notice the cat sprawled in the dirt.

His interest is all in me. I'm big, I'm bad, and I'm blue.

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