Friday, June 08, 2007


My Peahen made her nest in the woods, well hidden from predators as well as from me. One morning I saw her in tall grass, surrounded by the rest of the Pea-flock. On my way to work, I wasn't able to explore - but that night she quietly walked her brood into the kennel with the young chickens.

The funny looking grey and yellow blob on her back is the duckling hatched out by a hen. After 2 weeks the hen started roosting in the trees again, and I have to herd the duckling down from under the tree into the pen. She seems to have taken to the Peahen - she is climbing onto her back.

Here's the duckling with Momma hen. The black and white rooster (Old English Game Fowl bantam) is guarding. Roosters take on the roll of chick protection once the hens abandon them. It's wonderful to see the big guys (or sometimes little guys) digging up grubs for youngsters.

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