Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mamma Goose

My Toulouse Goose finally made a proper nest instead of laying eggs across the field for the ravens to eat. I had visions of doubling my flock size (I currently have 3 geese). When I finally caught her off the nest I checked, and there is 1 egg, neatly covered in down and then sticks. Well, better one than none, but not the gaggle I had in mind.

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Anonymous said...

Swap my mob for yours. I am trying to thin the population and still they manage a couple. They are clever enough to make their nests in the dog pen or in the old chook house up the paddock so I can lock them in at night. This year they are up the paddock and have opened a bag of alpaca wool to build their nest. No grass or sticks for these madams. I have 4 at this time as they managed to loose several of their clan to Mr fox by going walkabout down the road to a neighbours orchard. They do a great job there every autumn but this time their luck ran out. Neighbour has since hotwired the fence on top but not sure if this is going to stop a determined fox.

Liz (Vic. Aust)