Friday, November 30, 2007

Duck in the Headlights

When Berna chased the bantams, the Muscovies were with them. The ducks flew off as Berna ran down the hill. When I finally left for work, I noticed a duck across the county road from my lane. A very shell-shocked duck, looking just like a deer caught in the headlights at night. I pulled into the closest driveway and walked back up to her, talking softly and encouraging her to cross the road and head up to our lane. She did seem to know who I was, and slowly - very slowly - headed in the right direction. Once I got her on the gravel lane she took off flying about 2 feet above the road. Assuming she could find her way from there, I went on to work.

The next morning I realized that only 2 Muscovies were lined up for food. The third must of flown out of her known territory fleeing Berna. Sadly I counted her as gone. The other two wandered around aimlessly for 2 days, obviously missing their friend.

This morning as I was feeding the sheep I heard the susurration of happy ducks. I turned to see three Muscovies doing their greeting dance. They then Egyptian line danced to the next kiddie pool, formed a new circle, and chattered some more. Tails flaired, crests up, and heads moving back and forth they made a happy trio. I'm so glad to have them all home.

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