Monday, November 12, 2007

Wind, Wind and More Wind

I woke at 5:30 to the sound of wind and metal. Hmm, metal bending isn't a good sound. The predicted storm arrived a bit early down my way, and had done its damage while the radio was still predicting "worst winds at 10." It's still blowing, but not as hard as this morning. The only thing on my hill with a roof is my house.

The left shelter is where my bantams and geese spend the night. The carport was Charlie's favorite shelter, and the poultry all hung out there on rainy days.

Poor Millie was inside this kennel when the roof came down. She was very happy to see me and go for a walk. Agile girl thankfully wasn't hurt, but she was eager to be gone. She's now in the smaller kennel by my bird building. That area is somewhat protected and is so far undamaged.

This quonset sheltered Jesse's day crate and the cusions he and Ursa love to use during the day. Note Charlie still on guard in spite of wind and rain.

Jesse doesn't care that the shelter's gone. It's his place and he's using it. He must realize it's raining, but you couldn't tell from his attitude.

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