Sunday, February 17, 2008

Favorite Places

I've "re-discovered" some sites recently that I'd like to share.

One is Seymour Stained Glass. Karen Seymour is a very talented artist, and her glass creations are a joy to behold. Check them out! She even has a window depicting her husband's obsession - a Meade telescope.

Kerin Gale and Charley Slaughter create jewelry and other art out of found items. See it at Remnants Of Olde. This couple is embarking on a new adventure, moving to the south Oregon coast to be inspired by the sea.

And Veryl Anne Grace has a new creation pictured on her blog, Fiber in Paradise. Masquerade is a collaboration with her husband Glenn, and is glorious. There are also pictures of her lovely Maremma, Keanani.

A recently discovered blog that I've been enjoying very much is My Anatolian Dog Otto, very well written and entertaining stories about Otto and his family.

I discovered the above blog by reading Semavi Lady's Turkish Dogs blog. There's always something interesting here, including wonderful pictures of Anatolians and other LGDs.

These last two are part of the Anatolian Blogroll listed on the right. Lots of great blogs in there.

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