Saturday, February 23, 2008

More than Just a Pretty Face

Meet Nickel - Can Ch GrCH Alchmys Magic Tin Nick-L Blues RA JHD CGC

I had the pleasure of meeting Nickel and her poodle family when I met her owner Vikki Kauffman at Fido's Farm outside of Olympia. Vikki was taking Nickel for some herding practice, and I tagged along to watch.

As you can see, Nickel is a Standard Poodle. The letters in front of her name and the first picture show she's a champion show dog. The letters at the end of her name say she's done Advanced Rally (RA), has a Junior Herding title (JHD), and has earned a Canine Good Citizen certificate (CGC). She has also done hunting field trials.

Herding? Poodles? Check it out. Poodles started out as working dogs, mostly water retrieval but many other tasks as well. Including herding.

Vikki and Nickel - another pair out to prove that dogs can do it all. A well-rounded poodle with a fun personality, a lovely smooth gait, lots of talent and a beautiful face.

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Luc Nicknair said...

Vikki and Nickel you both rock!!! I'm an old classmate from Weare, NH and have had the priviledge to witness Vikki grow into new arenas with her life...your dog looks amazing! And it's doing amazing things! Yaaaaaay!