Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Lovely Day

After a week of cool rainy weather, today is warm and mostly sunny. It's another beautiful cloud day in the Northwest.

Hay is in short supply this time of year. It's harder to get each year as more houses pop up in former grass fields. Every chance I get I let the sheep out to browse on the grass, weeds and berries along my lane. First thing this morning - still in my pajamas - I went down to check on my chicks and let the sheep out. Charlie darted out with the sheep. He doesn't like his sheep being outside of his patrol area. Jesse scrambled under the fence after him while I was heading back to the house to get dressed.

By the time I got back out the lane was totally quiet. No dogs, no sheep, no goats, no donkey. Knowing the sheep, I walked down to the road. My small flock of sheep and goats, guarded by the donkey, were providing free lawn service to the log house across the street. It's for sale, and the lawn definitely is due for a trimming. Fortunately my sheep are better at coming when called than my dogs are, and they happily followed me back across the street and headed up the 1/4 mile of lane home. They turned left towards the houses and pastures, and I went up the hill to the power lines, finding lots of footprints but no dogs. One of my hens seems to have taken up residence in the old railroad cut. She looked a bit offended that I intruded in her territory.

By the time I got back to the developed section of my farm, Charlie was next to the pasture fence looking like he wanted in. He joined me and we went to the gate and inserted ourselves. The sheep flock were browsing happily nearby, eating the plentiful grass and brush here at home. Ursa came up to give Charlie the once over (where HAVE you BEEN?) as I started up the hill to the house. Half way up Jesse lay next to the fence, looking mournful that he couldn't get back in. Why is it that animals can readily get OUT of somewhere, but are at a loss to get back IN?

So we are all now inside and fed, or outside and feeding. I had breakfast, and am working on a second cup of coffee. Once again I am grateful I chose to locate my farm well off the seldom-travelled road. Just another peaceful morning on the farm. 

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