Monday, September 15, 2008

Cats, Cats, and more Cats

I have an abundance of cats. I came here with two, both strays I adopted at my last place. Now I have 5 that I intentionally feed, several more that lurk around the edges. Where do all these cats come from? We don't have any close neighbors - although one cat was the "dear pet" of the people across the street. He has been taken back down there a number of times, and keeps returning here. 

This weekend I realized that it had been some time since I'd seen 2 of my cats. They are pretty independent, but usually show up regularly for meals. I spent quite a bit of time calling and looking wherever I could think of, without success.

Tonight as I was driving in I saw a cat dart into the bushes. She looked familiar. I stopped, grabbed a flashlight, and called "Pus? is that you? Pus?" "Meow!" "Pus?" "Meow!" She was hiding in the brambles, afraid to come out. I had to sneak my way in past the berries. Pus came out then, and let me pick her up. She clung to me. She's fairly thin. She was also within a minute's run from the building she should be living in. 

Pus is back inside in front of a large bowl of food she is ignoring. She's been loved and pet, and hopefully is feeling safe again.

Now If Squeak will just show up again.

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