Saturday, September 06, 2008

Late Summer Days

The sheep are outside mowing the sides of the lane. The goats and donkey are hanging with me as I cut down alders that have miraculously appeared on the side of the road, 6 feet tall and up to an inch in diameter. The saplings will become perches and chew toys for parrots. I cut smaller ones as browse for the sheep and goats for those days they don't get out to graze.

Down the lane a dozen chicks drift back and forth across the lane like black and white leaves dancing in the breeze. They dart in and out around sheep legs, as if what the sheep are eating must be better than anything else.

The goats sneak up and start eating my soon-to-be perches, which obviously taste much better than those thousands still growing beside the lane.

Another lovely day, as late summer again draws sunshine and warmth.

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