Tuesday, June 09, 2009

June Storm

Late May and June this year have been most unusual. Generally June in the NW is a winter month squeezed in between spring and summer just to remind  us how far north we really live, and that we should appreciate summer. This year it's been warm to hot and mostly sunny. Like summer.

This day was hot, I even had the air conditioner on driving home. Then I turned off the freeway, towards the mountains. Almost instantly storm clouds appeared.

The light was wonderful, making the trees glow.

My favorite barn and silos against the darkening sky. Notice the white flowers in the field.

Lightening appeared as warm air met cold and clouds collided, although it must have been distant as I never heard any thunder. And, of course, never caught the lightening on camera. These pictures are all taken from the car as I was driving into the storm.

Almost home, and the rains started. This storm ended about 2 hours later, leaving the land and sky washed and almost cloud free. Again, notice these lovely white flowers. They are everywhere, in every field I pass. These are a wild daisy, absolutely beautiful.

Everywhere, that is, except in my fields. My property is sadly daisy free, except for one plant I moved into an area I keep sheep free. Flowers, it seems are very tasty and very nutritious. Especially lovely white daisies. Just ask any sheep.

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