Thursday, June 25, 2009

That Didn't Go So Well

Saturday my sheep get sheared. I need to get them to my neighbor's farm, which means I need to catch them and transport them. I need a small catching pen.

Livestock panels. They are the easiest, fastest fencing. I drove my van to work so I could stop at the feed store on the way home (before they close) and pick up the panels, then unload them, pound in a few posts, and voila - a quick and dirty catching pen.

I now know why I've been so hesitant to go pick up livestock panels. Part of the problem was that while the two of us had trouble getting 3 panels into the van at the feed store, the one who came back to unload wasn't the tall, buff, young guy.

I finally did get the panels out, the van parked, the gate closed, and the sheep in, but Charlie is still out. It did involve one fall, some bending of the panels, and a lot of swearing.

I didn't get the panels even close to where I want them, let alone posts pounded and panels up, ready for sheep catching. The panels are in the middle of the road so I can't drive the van in to get the sheep until I move them.

But at least they aren't still in the van making the doors stay open, the light on. Back door is a bit more scratched up, and missing a bit more rubber seal.

And the van isn't still smack in the middle of the gate, preventing me from securing Charlie in, when he gets back that is. I keep hearing his bark on his route around the fenced area. The sheep paddock keeps the sheep and goats in. Seems it doesn't do so well at keeping a motivated Pyr in.

Three panels. 16' x 52". $94. One heck of a lot of work.

I think I may have just started my new exercise program.

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