Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Mysteries of Clover

Four years ago before I moved in here I spread clover seed over all exposed ground. I thought it would be a good starter ground cover, and help enrich the soil. Almost none of it sprouted. Each year there would be some clover, but not a lot. Until this year.

This year there is clover EVERYWHERE. Places I didn't plant it. Places I did. Why this year? I'm not complaining - the bees and I think it's great. I'm keeping the sheep off of most of it so I'll continue to have clover.

I discovered that it's very difficult to get pictures of bumblebees. They land on the underside of flowers and sneak up. And they don't pose well, flying off just as I move in for a shot. Add to that the fact I haven't yet figured out the manual focus on my camera, and my bee shots are, well, inadequate.

The other thing about the clover - I planted white clover. Look at this lovely pink one.

And these bi-color flowers. Next year I'll have to plant red clover and see how it does. Hopefully it won't take four years to germinate.

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