Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Phoenix Shed

Christmas day 2008 my chicken shelter collapsed. A day or two later the hay shed in the background also collapsed. The bones of these two sheds remained in place until early this month, when a friend came over to strip and dismantle them. What would I do without friends?

To our surprise there were enough parts between the two wrecks to assemble a new, slightly smaller shelter over the chicken kennel. Rising from the rubble it stands full of hope and promise.

And finally we covered it with the ubiquitous blue and silver tarp, and found a solid piece of original shelter skin to go around the kennel. Used green fiberglass covers the kennel for added warmth and protection from tarp leaks. My chickens should be cozy and safe again this winter.

Now I need to get a new hay shelter erected, and I'm back in business.

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