Friday, July 03, 2009


Right after I posted this, I stepped outside to see Groucho and Charlie. I grabbed the camera and snapped off a few pics - caught Groucho looking at me as if to say, "What? Me? Camera shy?"

Charlie likes to come inside once in a while for some quiet time. Puss immediately appears and snuggles up.

My three dogs who are usually inside are not cat buddies. The cats have a dog-proof room to hang out in with their own window entrance. The moment Charlie or Jesse come in, Puss is there. She also hangs out with them outside, but the dogs don't stay still as well outside.

It's hard to get pictures. I think Charlie is a bit embarrassed by the cat attention, and perhaps the cats thing they aren't meant to snuggle with dogs. Groucho also likes to hang with the dogs, but she disappears the moment a camera comes in sight. This is one of those cultural things I just don't completely understand.

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