Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carport Reborn

January 18 - the carport (the one actually used to shelter the car) was lifted across the road by the wind. It was jammed in between two trees, but looked relatively unharmed.

February 19 - Two of us cleared a space to roll the carport down to, and then dislodged it from the trees. This was not an easy process, it was tightly jammed and the ground was not flat and smooth under it. We removed the legs and left the roof for another day.

February 21 - Rebirth! We carried the roof with sides attached to it's new location closer to the house, where it will be better protected from the wind. Two of the legs were damaged. We started with substitutes, but were later able to straighten the legs enough to use the originals.

Amazingly, there was no other damage to frame or cover. I'm very pleased with Costco's new carport design.

A happily sheltered car.

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